uM-FPU V3 IDE Release 2.0 Beta

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uM-FPU V3 IDE Beta

Revision History
The software available on this page is beta software, and is provided for testing purposes. Please email with any beta testing feedback. Features are subject to change before the final release.

New Features in Release 2.0 Beta

User-defined code generation
Target description files can now be defined to customize the IDE code generation by defining the code generation parameters. Target description files are text files, and can be modified with any text editor. Target description files that are stored in the ~Application Data\Micromega\Targets folder, will be read automatically each time the IDE is started. The Tools/Add Target File... and Tools/Add Target Folder... commands can be used to copy target files to the Targets folder. See documentation and sample files below. To use this feature with the new IDE, do the following:
  • Download a target description file or create a new one.
  • Use the Tools/Add Target File... or Tools/Add Target Folder... command to copy target files to the Targets folder.
  • The new targets will appear in the Target pop-up menu in the Input window
String display window
The debug window now displays the contents of the uM-FPU string buffer. It updates at the same time as the debug register display. The current status byte is also displayed.

32-bit Converter Tool
A 32-bit numeric conversion tool has been added to the Tools menu. It converts between, floating point, decimal, and hexadeciaml values. The hex values can be 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit values.

Auto Step and Conditional Breakpoints (beta 6)
The Auto Step feature provides a means to automatically single step through FPU instructions. This feature, in conjunction with Auto Step Conditions, can be used to implement conditional breakpoints.

Find and Replace (beta 6)
Find and Replace capabilities have been added to the source window.

EEPROM Memory Map (beta 6)
The EEPROM Memory Map dialog displays the contents of EEPROM.

Beta 6 Release Notes
Describes the contents of the target description file.
1.1 MB PDF Jun 27, 2008
Target Description File
Describes the contents of the target description file.
156 KB PDF Aug 22, 2007

uM-FPU V3 IDE release 2.0 beta 6
Beta 6 release. The zip file includes target files for ARMbasic V7, CCS C Compiler, HC908, OOPIC, PIC MPASM, WINAVR.
2.6 MB ZIP Jun 27, 2008

Revision History
Beta 6 - June 27, 2008
  • added symbol names for registers and functions to Debug trace
  • implemented Find and Replace for Input panel
  • added Auto Step capability
  • added Auto Step Conditions (conditional breakpoints)
  • added #EEFUNCTION and EEFUNC to define EEPROM functions
  • added EEPROM memory map
  • Debug panel is activated on {BREAK}
  • changed name of Trace window to Serial I/O
  • added line wrap (at 80 characters) to Serial I/O window
  • restricted the size of the debug and trace display buffers
  • improved the display processing for debug trace
  • increased the row width in register display
  • added Compiling... message to status
  • added keyboard equivalents for Go/Stop/Step/Auto Step
  • added clear button to register display and trace window
  • changed FUNC % to allocate upwards from last function defined
  • added Remove Source button to Output window
  • changed memory function error to display number of bytes over limit
  • fixed display of infinity in debug registers
  • fixed hang when debug disabled in set parameters and SPI mode
  • fixed bug if first file in recent files list no longer exists

  • Beta 5 - December 11, 2007
  • added 32-bit Hex/Float/Decimal numeric conversion tool
  • added File/Open Recent command with submenu of 10 most recent files
  • File/Open dialog now defaults to the Folder containing the most recent file
  • moved string display to debug window
  • added status byte display to debug window
  • switch to input window on File/New and File/Open
  • clear previous debug symbols on File/New and File/Open
  • switch to output window when Compile button is pressed and compile has no errors
  • fixed bug in beta 4 that caused register expressions to be treated as constants
  • fixed #PRINT_xxx directives for all targets
  • fixed code generation problem with SEROUT, 1, "text"
  • added READ_FLOAT, WRITE_FLOAT, WRITE_FLOAT_FORMAT commands to target file
  • optimized the code generation for reg = reg and reg = constant
  • fixed value range check for LONGBYTE, LONGUBYTE instructions
  • fixed value range check for LONGWORD, LONGUWORD instructions
  • removed built-in PICmicro target, added target file for PIC MPASM
  • moved File/Copy Target File command to Tools/Add Target File
  • added Tools/Add Target Folder command
  • added Tools/Remove Target File command
  • archive of uM-FPU V3 IDE release 2.0 beta 5 ZIP

  • Beta 4 - October 3, 2007
  • changed opcode prefix from F to F_ for PicBasic Pro reserved words
  • fixed assembler instructions to allow register names where applicable
  • archive of uM-FPU V3 IDE release 2.0 beta 4 ZIP

  • Beta 3 - August 23, 2007
  • changed TAB_LENGTH to TAB_SPACE in target description file
  • if TAB_SPACE is positive, then only space characters are used
  • if TAB_SPACE is negative, then tab and space characters are used
  • default settings for string window added to preferences file
  • tab support added to all lines in the target description file
  • additional error checking added for target description files

  • Beta 2 - August 13, 2007
  • fixed COPYI assembler
  • added FCNV function

  • Beta 1 - July 10, 2007
  • added code generator for user-defined target description files
  • added Show String Buffer command to Debug menu
  • changed preferences to create/use ~\Application Data\Micromega folder
  • moved trace file to ~\Application Data\Micromega folder
  • fixed temporary file code to handle multiple copies
  • changed temportary file name
  • fixed title on New/Stored Function code boxes
  • added #PRINT_STRING
  • fixed handling of blank source lines

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