uM-FPU V3 IDE - Release 3.3.0
 Beta 1

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uM-FPU V3 IDE Release 3.3.0 Beta 1

Revision History


The uM-FPU V3 IDE - Release 3.3.0 (beta 1) software has a completely rewritten compiler with an extensive set of new features and improvements. These include an expanded set of operators, operator precedence, control statements, parameter passing and return values for user-defined functions, and a complete list of functions and procedures to utilize the full FPU functionality. The new compiler makes it possible to implement most FPU programs using high-level code.

This is a significant rewrite. Beta testers are needed, and are encouraged to provide feedback to:
The uM-FPU V3 IDE - Release 3.3.0 (beta 1) software, documentation and sample code are provided below.

New Features

Expanded list of basic operatorsOperator precedence
+Addition~ + -
*Multiplication* / %
/Division+ -
%Modulo<< >>
<<Shift left
>>Shift right
~Ones complement
+Unary plus
-Unary minus

Control statements

User-defined functions
  • can have up to nine parameters
  • can return a value
  • can be included in math expressions

  • Expanded set of functions and procedures
  • Math Functions
  • ADC Functions
  • Serial Input/Output
  • String Functions
  • Timer Functions
  • Matrix Functions
  • EEPROM Functions
  • External Input / Output
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • Debug Functions

  • Software
    uM-FPU V3 IDE release 330
    Installer for uM-FPU V3 IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Includes software and documentation.
    4.8 MB ZIP Aug 10, 2010
    Sample Code
    Application Note 39 - Calculating Great Circle Distances (with GPS readings) has been reimpemented using the features of the new compiler.
    8 KB ZIP Aug 10, 2010

    uM-FPU V3 IDE Release 3.3.0 Documentation
    Documentation for new compiler support in uM-FPU V3 IDE Release 3.3.0. Includes reference guide and examples of all functions and procedures. 
    560KB PDF Aug 10, 2010

    Revision History
    Release 330 (beta 1) - August 10, 2010
  • initial release of new compiler

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