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Revision History
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The uM-FPU V2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software provides an easy-to-use tool for developing applications using the uM-FPU floating point coprocessor. The IDE runs on Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP, and provides support for:
  • Generating uM-FPU V2 code for math expressions
  • Debugging uM-FPU V2 code
  • Storing user-defined functions on the uM-FPU V2 chip
Generating uM-FPU V2 Code
The code generator is a type of application builder, or wizard, that takes standard math expressions and generates the required uM-FPU V2 code for a selected target. A number of targets are supported, including: Basic Stamp®, Javelin Stamp™, SX/B Compiler, PICAXE and PICmicro® assembler. Additional targets will be added - check the Micromega website for up-to-date information. The generated code can be easily copy and pasted into the user's microcontroller program in the target development environment. The examples shown in this document use the BASIC Stamp with an SPI interface. If you are working with a different microcontroller or compiler, the procedures are the same, but the output code and target development environment will be different.

Debugging uM-FPU V2 Code
The IDE uses the built-in debugger on the uM-FPU V2 to provide the user with valuable debugging information such as uM-FPU instruction traces, and register values, and allows the user to set breakpoints and step through the execution of uM-FPU instructions.

Storing User-Defined Functions
The IDE supports storing user-defined functions and setting parameters on the uM-FPU V2 chip. This unique capability can reduce the memory usage on the microcontroller, simplify the interface, and increase the speed of operations.

uM-FPU V2 IDE release 2.2
Integrated Development Environment for uM-FPU V2.
1.3 MB ZIP Nov 18, 2006

Using the uM-FPU V2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Detailed documentation including tutorials and reference guide. 
1.4 MB PDF Jul 5, 2005

Revision History
Nov 18, 2006, release 2.2
  • fixed code PICAXE generation problem with opcode assignments

  • May 18, 2006, release 2.1
  • changed mode paramater indicator in Set Parameter Dialog
  • .fpu is added to filenames by default
  • fixed incorrect display of negative long values in debug window
  • added code to recognize vertical tab as an end-of-line characer
  • fixed handling of IF_xxx opcodes in debug window
  • fixed problem with scrolling memory map dialog
  • added syntax for function definitions
  • added an automatic variable for assigning function numbers
  • function definitions are output in the header
  • fixed problem with tab stops in output code
  • added IF_xxx condition codes to assembler
  • preference file renamed to uM-FPU V2 IDE Prefs
  • corrected handling of string terminator by disassembler
  • PBP - added code support for PICBasic Pro SPI and I2C
  • PICmicro - added decimal point to register definitions
  • PICmicro - added decimal point to decimal constants if > 9
  • PICmicro - fixed input variables to use movf xxx, W
  • PICAXE - changed Word keyword to W0-W6
  • PICAXE - changed Byte keyword to B0-B12
  • PICAXE - fixed problem with Word length input/output variables
  • SX/B - fixed problem with constants
  • SX/B - fixed problem causing PARAM1 to be overwritten
  • archive of release 2.1 ZIP

  • Jul 5, 2005, release 2.0
  • original version
  • archive of release 2.0 ZIP

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